GSE 2.6.23 - Released for both Retail, PTR and Beta

After maintenance hits today there will be an update to GSE.

Right now before PrePatch there are 3 versions of GSE - 2.5.11 (Retail) 2.6.01-beta5 (Retail) 2.6.01-beta5-shadowlands (Beta and PTR). Once PrePatch hits there will just be the one 2.6.01 which replaces all three.

Early warning is you don’t update in retail before logging in you may corrupt your macro library and this corruption is unrecoverable. I would advise backing up your GSE.lua file when you log out today.

2.6.01 Has come along way. The new features for Shadowlands include:

  • Macro Creation Variables
  • More robust and less error prone storage
  • A rework of the editor so that it saves size and can be resized on any tab
  • Better Exporting to WLM forums

A lot of the work here is under the covers and it doesn’t look like a lot but is the culmination of about 600 hours work over the last 4 months. I want to put a thanks here but I will miss someone by mistake. All I can say is I am extremely grateful for the help and the people who raised tickets and GSE’s patrons. I am personally looking forward to a few days of panic followed by maybe a day or two of playing the game.

Edit: There is now a 2.6.13 Yep there is a 13 - didn’t take long at all to do.
Some people also cannot get their macros to save. You will need to delete the GSE.lua file from the WTF directory for this to be resolved.


I will be streaming live tomorrow from just after maintenance completes. Drop by, say hello, ask questions or bug me with bugs

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Hello there sweet prince @TimothyLuke

Im having a very weird bug with resize the windows ( with latest version of GSE shadowlands PTR / BETA )

Cannot tick or untick the option to default window size on options, and whats worse when log out of the game and exit, does not save it ( once resized )

Will try to drop by after.

EDIT: just saw last version with size editor :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT 2: still not saving windows size after exit / log out.


When/Where will you have the 2.6.01 retail version up at? I’d love to have it ready for once I login to my characters.

P.S. Love your work


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The 2.6.01 build has the fix for that already @lloskka

@Colin_Crowley it will be there just after Maintenance finishes in case they roll back and abort prepatch.

This is now available from

This version is for Retail, Classic, PTR and Shadowlands Beta

Thank you Timothy, for all of your stellar work as usual!


Full Release notes are available at: Commits · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub


Thankyou !!

See ya all in game…

Having a big issue. downloaded latest build, won’t import or save settings. it resets once I restart or reloadui. Any ideas?

Hi @jason-tritschler You may have to clear your GSE.lua file from the WTF directory

Its located at c:\path\to\WoW_retail\WTF\Account\YOURACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\GSE.lua

Bingo, thanks sir.

One thing of note. on my screen the close button is hidden behind the send or options button

Its on the list for the next patch - Minor Graphical Glitches post 2.6.01 · Issue #704 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

These glitches have been fixed in 2.6.05

For some reason the edit button for the GSE wont work when pressed. Updated to latest version too.

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If its greyed out - you might need to select the macro in the viewer again

Same issue as above, Edit button does nothing…macro is selected for sure.
Have deleted everything…including the addon and variables, redownloaded…imported new and can not edit.


Are you using ElvUI ? I ask that as the enabled and disabled buttons look the same in Elv. In the standard UI they are distinctly different. It opens for me and I need to know what is different to try to determine why it doesn’t for you.

i am, but i just disabled it to confirm for you, Button is RED when selected and black when not, and can not edit either way.

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