GSE 2 to GSE 3 Conversion


Hey Guys, I hope you’re all keeping safe and well.

As always, thank you to @TimothyLuke for continuing with the development of an awesome addon!

Like many of you guys, I’ve struggled to get my head around GSE3 from GSE2. I’m not a programmer or coder. So this is a little alien to me. Most of the previous macros I’ve created using GSE are based on what I have learnt and picked up over the years. However, despite this, I am planning to start trying to convert some of my macros from GSE2 to GSE3 today.

I have read the following Understanding GSE3 from a GSE2 Users Perspective · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub from @TimothyLuke on Github, and I still feel a bit lost. I figured the only way to learn is to dive right in and have a go.

If anybody has any hints / tips or a link to a tutorial on creating macros in GSE 3 this would be greatly appreciated.



This is the summary:

In GSE2 you had a macro sort of. You were a programmer who was told to do stuff with his left hand tied behind his back. In GSE3 you create a macro template from which a macro is created.

In GSE2 Your sequence flow was controlled by the Sequence Box. Each line in your macro in 3 has its own box. (The reason is you couldn’t do a three line action on one line in GSE2.)

KeyPress and KeyRelease are a variable. In GSE2 they were automatically added to every action and you couldn’t control it. In GSE3 you add them to the actions you want them to be used on.

This means that for each line on your old macro you need something like

/cast thisspell

Now here comes the fun you could also choose not to do KeyPRess for an action but instead do KeyRelease first

/cast thisspell

Every step in your macro is now a unit that you control. You want Priority or a loop within your macro - add a loop block. Want a pause - add a Pause Block. There are other block type like IF and Repeat but will leave that for another day.

If you import a GSE2 macro this will update it to GSE3 for you. From there look at the layout of your macro and compare that with the Output of “Compile Template” Compile Template shows you not what your template looks like but what will actually be sent to WoW each time you click a key.


Hey @TimothyLuke

Thank you for the reply dude, this actually makes much more sense. Thank you for putting things into layman terms for me xD

I’m currntly working on my holy priest macro, as this is one of the more simple ones ive made. I think its going ok. I had literally just figured out that you can now choose when to have KeyPress and KeyRelease variables when I read this. Which, will i think will make things better on my hunter macro.

Am i correct in thinking that I could add more variables, name them something different and add them as and where too by using the Bam Variable for example:

/cast Smite

and GSE will execute whatever is under the Bam Variable?

Another quick query (sorry to bombard you with questions). I have previously used /castsequence to apply dots such as Shadow Word: Pain to a target, and reset=target to make sure this applies when I switch targets, can this still be used within an action block / loop block / repeat block?

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You could have 100000 variables all doing different things.

Im writing a block now that takes a true / false output from a variable and allows you do different things when true vs false. Eg Am I an orc? True - use Blood fury, False - Ami i a Maghar orc - True use ancestral stuff, False - do nothing

You can call them what you want, youy can mix and match them in a block however you want

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you kinda lost me with the 3.0 version sadly… i love the 2.0 and previous versions.
now i need to learn to ride the bike all over again… which kinda sucks


Hey @elzo-van-vulpen

I felt lost too, but since I’ve had a play around, its working well. I spent some time reading, and with some trial and error it wasnt as hard as i thought it would be to figure out. Each line in the old sequence is an action block in GSE3. Theres a good image above @TimothyLuke popped here which shows how to convert your old macros to the new GSE3.

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will do @Bam
srry if my post was a bit harsh, just dont respond well to changes :smiley:

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how would i add cobra shot to this macro

Has this been posted in the right topic? :slight_smile:

yes wrong one sorry, i will ask in different one