[GSE 3.0] Xinterp's 9.1 High Mitigation BDK PVE - 1 Macro - Updated: 6/30/2021


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I run this @85ms.

Death Strike, Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude, Bonestorm, Lichborne, and Vampiric Blood will all need to be ran on your bar to mitigate damage as needed.

Asphyxiate is Mod Alt.
Marrowrend is Mod Ctrl.


This macro is prone to Bone Shield Bleeding (Lack of uptime with Bone Shield in certain situations) when tested during CN/M+. Be mindful that you may need to re-apply Bone Shield with Marrowrend. Allow the macro to pull its weight for initial pulls and wait for Rune Weapon to pop before holding CTRL for Marrowrend Boosts. I currently have this macro as 1 on my bar, and Death Strike as Shift+1.

Macro Info:

Snap threat for Raid Bosses doesn’t seem to be an issue, but you may want to lead with Dark Command for a smoother Raid Boss pull experience if you use a countdown timer for Raid Pre-Pots.

Heroics and M+ content, this macro does just fine.
Raids you may need to be cautious at pull and use a taunt.


Weakauras that I use for these Macros (Click for link to WAGO.IO).


(Click the image to see the WA in action)

Covenant (Still Venthyr for 9.1/GSE 3.0 - UPDATING IN PROGRESS!!!)

With this macro, we make heavy use of the Venthyr Covenant.
We will be using Theotar as our primary for all sources since this provides us with extra Versatility as well as party buffs whenever we use Swarming Mist.

  1. Soothing Shade (Center)
  2. Insatiable Appetite (Left)
  3. Watch the Shoes! (Left)
  4. Impenetrable Gloom (Center)
  5. Player’s Choice (N/A)
  6. Meat Shield (Center)
  7. Chilled Resilience (Right)
  8. Wasteland Propriety (Right)




Talents: 2221323

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.54.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Dancing Rune Weapon, Marrowrend

KeyPress: Asphyxiate, Marrowrend

Main Sequence: Swarming Mist, Marrowrend, Rune Strike, Dancing Rune Weapon, Blooddrinker, Blood Boil

KeyRelease: Dancing Rune Weapon


6/30/2021 - Updated format to match GSE 3.0 and WoW 9.1

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If you feel something needs to be changed, please make the changes and let me know the results so I can modify what is posted!

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what ms for this??

Interested in this for sure thanks for all the hard work
Was you able to remedy the rune bleeding at all

I run all my macros at 85ms.

With changes from last week to the current, you should see an improvement (Using Wrathion as the standard due to large movement and buff tracking) but no, I have not been able to cure the Rune Bleeding.

I’ve gotten it to a more stable amount than previously listed.


It doesn’t seem like a large improvement, but it feels smoother during the raid.

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Updated Version to 9.0.5 (Version Numbers should now match the current patch)