GSE 3.1 Not working

Hi there i recently updated to gse 3.1 and the addon is no longer working in game. i have trried uninstalling and reinstalling manually from the github page.

in the ‘addons’ tab in the login screen when i scroll through the addons it does not even appear in the list :frowning:

i cant survive without this addon i love it so much can anyone help??

p.s When i reinstall version 3.0.74 it works but im unable to use updated macros.

NVM FIxed it had to repair game after update!

Exactly what did you do to fix it?
I cant do anything, cant import anything, nothing happens when i click options etc etc.
It is like all the buttons are dead.

Still having the issue, cant import any macro.
Fresh windows install
Fresh wow install

Only GSE addon installed.

Nothing happens when trying to import, no errors, nothing.

Anyone else with this issue?

Same issue with me. Frustrating

I am also having this issue. Nothing is fixing it.

Sorry guys just saw the comments. So to fix it on the homescreen there is a gear icon next to where it says play. Click on that then click on scan and repair. Then reinstall addon and you should all be gucci :slight_smile:

Wait for the scan and repair function to finish first tho :slight_smile:

latest one is 3.1.06?