GSE 3.2.00 Patreon install

Anyone able to talk through how to properly install the 3.2.00 version for War Within?

Subscribe or donate to Tim’s DEV’ Patreon.

In options link your discord account to your Patreon one.

Once joined GSE Developer discord , go to channel gse-resource and download it.

Its very important to Mark that is very important to donate if we hope to continue using the addon.

Its brand new rewrite from ground and round zero.


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Will it work in the current retail version?

Current ? obviously not.

Totally brand new DEV from scratch for War Within.


I joined up. Thank you guys for the help on Discord.

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Your reply still doesn’t help explain how to install it. Tried copping it to beta folder, nothing happens.

The information for this is in the GSE Discord in the sticky in the-war-within channel. I would also suggest asking in there if you have any issues in stalling.

Thanks for clarifying. I couldnt play this game without you guys. Let me head on over and officially support all the hard work you put in for us.

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You should thanks Tim, hes the dev and the boss for the addon.

Rest of us, are fellow users and we create macros.

But i appreciate it !!!


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