GSE 3 addon last updated in March 2022

I just updated GSE via CurseForge and was double-checking my addon folder directly to see if there are some addons I no longer need. I saw a GSE-3 folder that hasn’t been updated since March of last year. Is that safe to delete?

GSE data is saved into …

…\World of Warcraft_retail_\WTF\Account\XXXXXXXXXX\SavedVariables

There u can find the GSE file that stores the macro, the database of all your imported macros.

So it’s safe to delete any folder on addons and reinstall again.

Is some random folder of which I am not going to tell you what it is still needed?

This isn’t really a question I can answer as you haven’t said which folder you are talking about. If its one of the core 3 GSE folders then no but I cant really answer as you havnt said what folder you are looking at. Some parts of GSE havnt had to change much while others have. If i look at my GSE install the folders say 2019 even though I updated files within them for yesterdays release.

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There were 4 GSE folders in my addon folder at the time of posting:

and GSE-3

The first 3 were updated this morning via Curseforge.

The fourth hadn’t been updated since March of last year and contained the other 3 folders with the same date modified.

I’m currently playing the game without issue with the last folder binned.

I have no idea what that last folder was.

Maybe he downloaded the zip/rar on version 3 and unzipped the whole zip/rar as a folder thereby the name.


Or maybe it was a branch when GSE v3 was in early dev. No idea. :person_shrugging: