GSE 3 Questions

Good day Guys!

Im have a few questions. I read everything on the github about GSE and the blocks so I love the idea and understand HOW this improves the functionality but I have 2 questions:

  1. How does it relate to the ORDER of things in GSE 2 when writing a new macro? My old macros which worked great converted over and do not work at all really so i assume it’s the way I wrote the original macro. I imported another macro which seemingly runs great but I can’t make sense of the order you put the blocks in versus previously I just had things in order from start to finish then they rotated on the loops. If anyone wouldn’t mind giving me the super dumbed down version of this Id greatly appreciate it. My macros were really simple as I didn’t use them in the one button fashion, rather using them to reduce my rotations by a few buttons and provide back up if I missed important cd’s.

  2. The Macro I imported to contrast and compare to mine so i could attempt to figure out the above has a 2nd macro in it. I’ve never used that and am not sure how that works. There isn’t a way that I see to make a seperate icon for a key press so I’m assuming they are somehow tied together? Again, the super dumbed down explanation would suffice if anyone can help me out.

Many thanks to those willing to square me away!

Each line in the sequence block from GSE2 is an action. The order of the blocks is the order of execution. Move it up it will go above the previous block. Each action consists of a stack of commands that are sent each click. In GSE2 it implicitly made the stack from KeyPress + this line + KeyRelease. Now it’s forcing you to be explicit about what you are sending. If you don’t want KeyPress this click you don’t send it this click.

Loops are now easier to define and control without guess what PreMacro and PostMacro do. Same with pauses they can now be a MS pause or a number of clicks.

This is not multiple macros - it is one macro broken down into its components.

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John Metz put this on Discord shows it better than my description:

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Thats exactly what I needed! Very much appreciated!