GSE /click cutting long commands


I had wired issue today with lunch of the per patch the thing is i use /click macro get the name of the action button from /fstack, the point is i put my /click MuiltBarBottomLeftButton3, the weird thing happened this morning if I right it will CAP like it shown it will cut “LeftButton3” , when i right it without CAPS it will not cut but also will not work I have to write it in this form “MuiltBarBottomLeftButton3” in order for it to work.

this form will not work

this is the right command

this will happen as soon as i press enter

Now I change to a shorter name like “ActionButton6” the addon didnt not cut it but still it didnt work seem the /click macro in general has an issue, I know since patch 10 the change to you have to type the button name and it did work be4 perpatch 2nd phase Released

Same Problem still exists after the least update.

after the update today still /click dont work inside GSE but it works normal outside of it with /macro

If you don’t report this to Tim’s GitHub then it probably won’t get fixed here.