/GSE doesn't load the GSE UI


/gse doesn’t work for me . . .

I tried turning off all my mods thinking it was an conflicting issue with another mod but have learned it is not.

I have reloaded the clean addon and all of it’s components and still have come up with the same results. /gse doesn’t load the GSE UI.

What am I missing with trying to resurrect GSE to work like it did before the new xpac??

The current version loads the GUI the first time you open it however if it can’t find the GUI you need to sort that part out. It will report why it can’t load. If it just doesnt report anything and just doesn’t load you have have either a corrupted GUI or modified the GUI in a way that just doesnt work.

Is the GSE paired with any other addon I may be missing or is this a stande alone lua.

My GSE is a clean install (downloaded from Curse) so I am not sure what could have corrupted the GUI.

I will try other things to see if I can get more to an answer for you.

It’s completely contained. It includes any libraries it needs.

not sure if this matters, but try typing “/gs”. its how i open the addon.

Thanks that’s helpful.

/gs is a legacy command that points at /gse. If /gse doesn’t work /gs won’t.

didnt know that. thank you Timothy