GSE Drag and Drop failing on Elfyau based MACROS

First I would like to express my sincere thanks for making such amazing macros and allowing more people to enjoy this game. My question or problem is that with GSE open when I try to drag and drop curse downloaded macros from an Open GSE window to my bar as instructed it doesn’t work properly. It will work with other macros on this website but not the ones from Curse and not the Elfyau macros . What am I doing incorrectly.?

Did you select the Template and go “Create Icon” ? If it’s Draggable it will have a ? For an icon instead of a blue book.

Each GSE template needs a stub macro in /macro for it to work. While GSE can store an unlimited number of templates, Each of these templates that has a stub macro adds to the amount of time it takes you to login as it needs to setup all the behind the scenes things for that particular template. By default GSE doesn’t automatically create the icon and expects you to do this for the things you are actually going
To use.

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