GSE easiest tanking form M+

Hi all

Using GSE from the entire BFA as DPS, just a quick question, Wich is the best GSE’d Tanking class for M+?

Demon hunter is pretty easy, goes hard

Brewmaster is pretty solid too

Yeah, BM seems that can be macroed nicely (purifying with manual command)with 100% IB uptime.
Do you think you can go into +12 with it?

May I’m wrong but I find this problems with other tanks.
BDK : too much random parses with charges of Bones and healing income.(and cds alignment)

Paladin: wasting many usefull silences and for how I play (with wowmapper and Xbox controller) it’s hard to Target friendly players.

Warr: too many short cds that must be used manually and wasted procs

Druid: did not try…does the rage gained align well with stacks of ironfur? Or it’s something of famine/feast random moments?

DH: playing with controller sucks with jumps


From what you have described, the macros work fine; the issue stems from how you choose to play the game, as in using a controller. Most players use keyboard/mouse, or game pad (such as an Orbweaver) and mouse.

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Yeah, every macro works fine, the only thing it’s that quite every tank (except BM for what I can see) needs more tuning/manual control to maximize the output.

BrM,with the stagger gameplay, seems to be “IB over the action priority list” to be quite a perfect meatball.

Every class should be manually controlled if you’re trying to maximize efficiency. Macros such as these, for the most part, just let people play and enjoy the game at many different levels of skill/ability, and allow them to focus on actual game play, situational awareness, etc. Most are not meant for high levels of game play, and even the ones that do work at those levels still need to have certain CDs and abilities manually controlled. Not trying to blatantly argue with you, because it is good you found a tank spec to meet your needs, but I don’t want people confused that these macros don’t work.