GSE for Wrath Classic (3.3.5)

Long time macro user here who has quit WoW too many times only to be sucked back in. I stopped playing retail quite a while ago and am SUPER excited about the upcoming Wrath Classic release. I have been playing TBC for about 8 months now just to prepare for Wrath. I have been searching for a 3.3.5 version for GSE and cannot find one.

I have read that there will be zero intention to release versions of GSE compatible with private servers but I was wondering if there could be one exception with Wrath classic less than 6 months away. I’m looking to hit the ground running with a few class ready macros for when WrathC does hit.

Is there already a GSE 3.3.5 compatible version out there? I recently started a few characters on the private Warmane server and would love to hammer out a bunch of macros to be ready for Wrath for the community.

No there isn’t a GSE for 3.3.5

There will be one for WotLK Classic once I get into it’s beta but this won’t work on private servers. Classic servers use the API from retail. A lot of the things that GSE depends on from the API didn’t exist in older clients.

The best way to prepare is levelling characters. I started a BE Pally yesterday and went from level 1 to 19. I’m on the Oce Arugal PVP server.

Oh I definitely am already. Have a 70 druid, 45 hunter and 41 shaman on TBC Mankrik. I’m only going to get the hunter and shaman to 68 to start when Wrath drops.

I assumed the API would be the same whether a private or Blizz server…oh well. I still think I’m going to level a few different classes on the Warmane server since you get 7x the xp. And I miss Wrath something terrible…don’t really like Burning Crusade to be honest. Was a speed bump to me getting to the holy grail of wrath. :stuck_out_tongue:

No every release of WoW has had significant change to the API. Private servers generally emulate the api as it existed in the day so you can use the original version of the mods for the day. Vanilla Classic released with BFA’s api minus the commands that didn’t exist in vanilla. The problem is the ones that did exist worked differently. This is the same with BC and WotLK’s api’s.

As an example you needed a mod for focus in vanilla but that became protected in BC with the anti bot changes. When Classic came out the focus mods were broken as this was protected in retail and retail had the /focus command. But as vanilla didn’t all focus things were broken completely in Classic.