GSE help. one character doesnt work

gse works on all of my characters except one. no idea why. i uninstalled and re installed, deleted character file, the gse.lau but this one character wont work…

it will target something though. just doesnt cast anything. any help?

On that one character run /gse forceclean then log out and log in. Note it has to be a log ut and login not a /reload.

You have a corrupt macro that is breaking that character.

i tried the command a lot of times. i tried to import new ones and its still not working. i try to import a macro and says to replace and such but isnt showing in my list of macros.

@zombies The only time macros didn’t show up for me when imported, is when I have maxed out the total amount of macros across my account. Make sure to delete 1-2 older macros that you aren’t using on any of your characters and maybe it will work then. Good luck!

didnt work. now ic ant see macros for some toons but then i import and it asks to replace. so i cant use gse on a druid, and now some of the other toons dont see the macros now. i dont know what to do. tried gse forceclean and nadda. tried deleting macros, now some toons dont have anything showing.

OK i fixed it. just did it a bunch of times. i got it ty guys for the prompt help. love the gse addon!

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im getting spam in the chat window, says stuff like lft click false, or shift false or something. like 10 lines, i cant figure what setting to turn that off. lol