GSE in dung/raid

Hey there!!
Problem with GSE in raids/Dung, Gse addon just sop working in a middle of the raid or dungeon and only reload help’s but I cant type reload every time it brokes

go to here and look to see if there is already a solution or to report the issue. This way Timothy can answer this for you.

What is happening is there is a race condition where the hidden button is not resetting properly. There are two other work around a. Type /gse, Delete Icon, Create Icon is much faster than a /reload. The other I use is I have a second identical template and a spare button on another action bar that I can drag out in combat.

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yeah but is there any solution for this rare bug? bcs my other mates are using the same GSE macros they dont have any bugs with this

Well as no one has listed this on the GSE GitHub (the place where the bug link above in the page menu and all my posts on how to get support for GSE go to) , it mustn’t be affecting anyone. So as there are no reports with reproducable information exist there is no fix you will have to make do with the solutions I have listed above.

Tnq but reinstalling Windows 11 helped me :confused: I don’t know how but it helped :smiley: tryed a lot of ways to fix the isue but only reistalling windows 11 helped me