GSE - Legion: DK Unholy

Here is my Legion Unholy macro for GSE.

  • Press ALT while spamming the macro to use Apocalypse.
  • You can delete Gargoyle line from the body, and use a seperate keybind for more controlled manual burst.
  • You can also delete /petattack line from premacro if you are having pet aggro issues.

Those who tested it have reported good numbers. Tell me how it works for you.

– Hadro

Sequences['zST_Unholy1'] = {
specID = 252,
author = "HADRONOX",
helpTxt = "Talents: 1221x13",
StepFunction = GSStaticPriority,
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/petattack [@target,harm]
/cast [nopet] Raise Dead
/cast [mod:alt] Apocalypse
	[[/cast [combat] Dark Transformation]],
	[[/castsequence reset=combat/target Outbreak, Festering Strike]],
	[[/cast Festering Strike]],
	[[/cast Soul Reaper]],
	[[/cast Death Coil]],
	[[/cast Scourge Strike]],
	[[/cast Death Strike]],
	[[/cast Summon Gargoyle]],
	[[/cast Death Strike]],
PostMacro = [[

I cannot edit my original post anymore?

This is an excellent macro, thank you. I use it often in conjunction with EnixLHQ’s.

where will i write this code in the game.

I trayed to add macros but its max 255 char long.
I cant write it in the game.

You need to download and install Gnome Sequencer Enhanced addon. Which you download HERE

Also you will want GS-E myMacros Addin Pack which you download HERE

After you download those you copy sequences from here and place them in the addon folder of GS-myMacros under which ever class your adding a sequence for. In this case DeathKnight. Be sure to “save” after you add it. Then in game type /console reloadui then type /gs and it should appear under that characters specific macros.

You should see the macro name and when you click on it all that will be in the macro area is
/click zST_Unholy1