GSE macro not firing on lvl 60 alts

I have periodically experienced this issue and I suspect it is all my fault. However, I can’t figure out wtf I do to fix it when the issue go away. PLS help

When I make a new toon its typically another of the same class I main Druid. I just like Druids and I like making new ones :slight_smile:

When I make a new toon I set up the exact same macros I use on my main but the macros just don’t seem to “trigger” when I get the macro set with a new icon.
I have spent days trying to get it figured out to no avail. Then suddenly they work sometimes.
Any help is much appreciated

On Alt - select macro and go “Create Icon” this will then create the thing you need to be able to drag the macro to your action bar.

Thanks for the response.