GSE macro press / release notification icon?

Hello guys… long therm GSE user here, i run all my chars with GSE and just blazing trough the game… the only thing i would like to adjust is this:

I use my Logitech macro mouse to just toggle on off GSE macro with 100ms delay, pretty obvious…

What i would like to do, because the icon is in my action bar and i do not use any other addons, i was thinking maybe Weak Aura for this, i would like to have like big bright icon appearing on my screen every time the toggle for GSE macro is on , and dissapear when its off… Sometimes it happens to me that i pull mobs because not realizing my toggle is still enabled :slight_smile:

I welcome any ideas ! thanks

Can’t be done.

Reason being how does a mod (which is totally contained within WoW) know about the third party thing you have running outside the game sending keystrokes to the game breaking the terms of service?

By using a toggle and forgetting it’s on, you place yourself at high risk of a ban.


Hi Tim!

you may have missunderstood… :slight_smile: So what i have is on my logitech g hub software, one of my buttons simply calls the “number 1” button press over and over, instead of using some hotkey app…

I has nothing to do with having the logitech ghub 3rd party or not, in WoW you simply see the gse macro hitting over and over until i turn it off by pressing mouse button…

Hey Enko,

No I havnt misunderstood unfortunately.

The ghub software pressing the 1 over and over is a third party tool outside the game which is against the terms of service. The way you are doing this is extremely dangerous. I have covered this before Guide: macros, WoW, you and more - #55 by TimothyLuke

Neither GSE nor WeakAuras or any other mods can tell you what GHub is doing outside the game.

Not sure if this helps at all and if there’s something similar you can do with your keyboard software but when I used a toggle macro in the past it was thru ahk that had a toggle script that would show a icon and highlight it green if it was toggled on. As TimothyLuke said though using ahk or any 3rd party software for the matter is againts tos so use at your own risk. Pretty sure the ahk script I had at the time is found in WLM Discord in the ahk section but I would advice against using a toggle macro and instead one you hold down