GSE Macro Stops Working while moving

I make a Break in WoW. Now im Back in Game and i have nothing changed, but now my Makro Stops working when i move a step.

I Work with GSE and Corsair Icue Software to bind a Key on Mousebutton on my Corsair Scimitar rgb pro . When I keep pressed down the Mousebutton, Corsair Software smashed infinite times the Button for the Makro Ingame. But now they stops when i move a step and i must press my Mousebutton Again for Makro…

anyone can help me to fix it?

hello also i use icue software mouse rbg pro for gse wow.
I have recorded macros and press manually but I don’t let the mouse repeat all the time, I only set ms 40-50 delays and play.
I’ve noticed a strange thing if I record macros 1 time it goes one way if I press it 2 times it seems to be very fast and I don’t know why. I’ve asked here in the forum several times but nobody helped me understand the reason. could your problem be connected to an update of icue? or maybe I need to record macros from scratch again.

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I dont use a recordet makro. I Bind a Key from WoW to Icue to the Mousebutton and then Icue smashed the key automatic infinite times at 70ms for my Hunter. Its faster then i smashed the button again and again :smiley:

I will try to use an older version from Icue to fix it.

You can test in the Options from Gse set MS to 50 for your makro.

ok i also understood before i associated button 1 side for single macro and button 2 for macro aoe. but it’s slow to execute i noticed. if you register to macro and associate the buttons you’ll see the macro in game go faster. try maybe it helps you. ok i’ll try to register in the options thanks .
it could have been due to an icue update or an error maybe try to reinstall it again and reset every

Hi @MartinH

You have a trinket or a piece of equipment or a spell that has an aoe targeted effect. For a trinket or a piece of equipment /use [@cursor] 13 (or 14 depending on slot) for a spell or ability it’s /cast [@cursor] spell

You can also use @player instead of @cursor but it doesn’t work for any other targets. You can’t @target or @focus for example.

Thx for your Awnser ThimotyLuke, but i dont use a trinket with Aoe effect. I have nothing changed before stopped playing WoW.

I Use the BMRaid Makro

Ok i have fix the Problem with deinstall the Icue 3.33.246 Version. After this i Install the Icue Version 3.31.81.

Now it works perfectly :smiley:

I have no idea what that is but glad its back for you.

I think its a Bug in the newest Version from Icue.