GSE - MM Hunter Spell IDs changed

Hi @TimothyLuke

I just noticed that since 10.0.5 all MM spells have changed, this is due to the change in Double Tap which is no longer in the game. Everything from Aimed Shots to Rapid Fire was changed.

Is there a way you can look at the old ID and see which link to the new spells? For example, I think, spell ID 260402 is Rapid Fire but I am not sure. Kind of hard to see the rotation without the old IDs.

Just tried to rename some of the spell IDs to the proper name, and it won’t work. For example, try naming spell 212431 to Explosive Shot and it goes back to the spell ID.


You might also need to clear the spell cache in GSE’s options

Yep did both. Still won’t show it.

You put Explosive Shot in the field, and as soon as you click the mouse to another field it changes it to the spell ID from the 10.0 patch, not the 10.0.5 patch which changed the IDs. And yes I have the talent.

I tried this on my other classes and my macros too and it doesn’t happen there, so far just MM Hunters. BM doesn’t have this issue or survival.

So far the following spells this is happening to:

  • Death Chakram
  • Explosive Shot
  • Kill Shot
  • Rapid Fire
  • Aimed Shot