GSE needs update?

This morning, there was some type of change to the matrix. Not exactly sure what Blizzard did, I noticed all in game addons were “reset”. For example, my gladius windows were all shown, my addon buddy character data was also reset.

Most dishearteningly GSE is listed as RED in the addon interface, and while it is loaded, it doesn’t work. =(

I have also had 3 windows 8 blue screens, where I have to restart my system, “WAtchdog_violations” of some type or other.

Any word on an update?

Ok as I was able to reason through, my macros are gone, so I just had to put them in again, and it works.

worse part is, in addition to having to figure out my customized macros, I have lost all my weakauras =(

Damn, I wish I just wouldn’t have resubbed for six months. =/ So much annoyance.

You know that the watchdog violations are mostly due to an incompatible SSD driver on Windows 10?
It’s got nothing to do with GSE/WoW/WA/Blizzard

So the answer is no, GSE doesn’t need an update, it’s working fine as is. However, your system does need fixing.

Yeah figured as much. Thanks for reply.

If your system is still seeing the errors, it looks like there is an easy fix, if you still need a little help…