GSE new features inquiry

I’ve been using GSE and making macros for as long as I can remember. The new GSE does so much more, and I’m a bit lost on advanced functions now. Is there a basic overview of the newer features? A wiki maybe or a post explanation?
Specifically, what is the action, repeat, pause, and add if blocks and their uses? Where do they belong in the stack?
Without me just testing this for days -
I guess the action triggers once and goes down the chain.
Does the repeat trigger at every block? Say you add it at the top and have a loop underneath. Does it trigger before every action macro in the loop? What does it do in a loop?
In the loop block, what does the repeat function do? Repeats every action block that number of times before proceeding?
Pause—why would you want a pause?
Can you add variables to trigger specific commands at a specific time with the add if block? For example, can you add an add if block to trigger if you get a proc to use that proc? How?
I’m confusing myself with all this and keeping as simple macros as possible, not utilizing any of this.

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In due time well have as users some documentation and instructions.

Its alpha version, still very early.


PS : tim github is the proper way to propose or report things

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Awesome ty, I will play around with them now.

I probably shouldn’t even mention this. :face_with_peeking_eye:
Delete if needed.

The variables… I realized you could make functions to automate/auto-cast EVERY racial and proc-based spell when needed. Which is highly against TOS.
However, using weak aruas as a trigger, it wouldn’t be considered automation.
But it would still be running scripts multiple times a second and would probably auto-flag you as botting, wouldn’t it?

No Variables are only evaluated Out of Combat with the result being insert into the macro. There is no ability for variables to be process in combat. You can either have a mod that casts spells in combat (GSE) or you can have a mod that looks at things and tells you things (WeakAuras)

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I understand now. Thank you. I just went down the wrong rabbit holes.
I did find a way to automate from WA tied to macros, but I won’t go into detail. It definitely breaks TOS and don’t want to get anyone in trouble.

It’s a moot point anyway - macros and WeakAuras are completely different in TWW anyway.

but so no ns it will no longer be possible to run castsequence macros in war within?

Click over , click , over click /macro.

That could work i think?!