GSE No longer works

So it started out with a similar issue posted on here where my shift modifier was no longer working with GSE. I disabled all other addons to see if something was interfering and checked all key binds to make sure it wasn’t clicking something else, but it was definitely that GSE was no longer casting while shift was held down.

So I decided to re-install the addon, but now GSE would no longer cast anything. Even new sequences with a simple /targetenemy would not function. So I went into the Wow folders and deleted all saved variables and the addon folder then re-installed again. Same deal, no action response from any GSE macro on any account while the same macro in Wow’s normal macro window will function fine.

I even installed the version from the 15th to see if it was an update issue, but still it does not work. Not sure what’s going on, but I’d be interested to see if other people are having similar issues.

Looked through the older threads and confirmed it was the issue involving replacing the [button:1] at the start of the macro with [button:2]. Not sure how it was working perfectly fine yesterday, but decided to stop working today.

I answered this 3 hours ago and that answer explains why replacing stuff mattered. - [BUG] GSE Broke · Discussion #1235 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

So the issue is still very finicky and this “fix” is very hit or miss. Sometimes it works for a while then it’ll stop working again, and now it’s working like normal with [button:1] in the macro.

However, there are posts on the WoW forums in regards to people having a multitude of issues with casting spells at the moment including the use of the shift modifier. Issue is definitely on Blizzard’s end… Hopefully it gets addressed soon.

This isn’t a fix. This is how the situation is going to remain. This is something you need to be aware of and understand as this isn’t going away nor will it be fixed. The fix is you understanding what is happening and acting accordingly.

All the changes to targeting and the use of mod keys are all related to the application of the new UI settings and all have impact on how macros will and won’t work. Blizzards end game is to get this to work on an Xbox.

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