Gse not work just after press save button


I use GSE for months.Until yesterday everything worked fine.
Now if i log in my char my macro’s button still have,but not working.
I need to go in GSE and open the sequence (BAM prot pala) and save.
After working fine just i need to do this all time when i log in,or change char.
I tried reinstall GSE,import sequence again (BAM) but not helped.
Every time if i entered the game i have to do this.
Type /gse–>open bam prot pala–>save(i can’t do anything else just save)–>close gse,and everything work fine.
This problem is present in all my characters
Why doing this or how can i fix this guys?
Sorry my english is weak :slight_smile:


I tried one thing.The original Gse macros works well just my imported macros
not working.Somebody have an idea why not works?

Hi @Buki

If I were you, I would post this question on TimothyLuke’s Github repository:

This is the place to post bug reports and issues.