GSE not working for me after patch

I have tried reading all of the fixes out there and I cannot for the life of me seem to figure what to do. I have deleted Elvui, downloaded the new GSE version (which is not showing as updated when I am in game), tried copying and pasting all the commands posted, I have even tried to use the troubleshooting in the addon but I have had no luck.

I don’t know if this is me being an idiot or something is just not clicking.

elvui breaks this setting every reload …[i think]

I think ElvUI just patched it but it used to mess with this setting every time you loaded in. Also Bartender would also change this setting. There are currently two modes KeyUp and KeyDown. How the /click command works (GSE depends on this) changes based on this mode. In 3.1.15 GSE defaults to KeyDown mode but Elv and bartender kept changing to KeyUp. You could either keep toggling or that link describes what to change in GSE to make it KeyUp.

In 3.1.16 there is a force to this mode that reconfigures GsE to said mode.

AND just when we got our head around this - PTR and Beta are different again.

Yes, I did do all that and maybe the very first would work but, it would not cycle through any of the others. This is so confusing to me as the one 3 years ago worked really well. So far I have disabled the GSE addon in WOW. Until I get a walkthrough on how to get it to work, well sigh. I was really hopeful about getting this to work as I have cataracts and glaucoma and seeing things quickly is difficult.

Thank you for the advice tho

The walk-through is linked literally two posts up from your comment.