GSE on curse app

Yesterday there was a paladin update , but nothing showed up and you didn’t post it on this site. Today is a monk update but no post either! Sry
Yes about Elfyau, he posts on site about his updates ,but he hasn’t .

Who are we talking about?

Are you talking about a creators macro being on curse? if so, i know only 1 person who does that, Elfyau, and if this is what you mean, then need to address Elfyau or that creator your talking about. If this is not what your talking about, please express better what you mean in this topic please.

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Why would they have to post here about a change or update to their mod?

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No one said they had to ! don’t assume. Because its his routine!

please show a little more appreciation and less ignorance.
You are looking for “Elfyau’s” addons. they are separate addons that go with GSE but are completely separate from it.

here is his profile and info

You should contact him on his work, not WLM or GSE.
Also have a bit less of a demanding tone, im assuming its a language or cultural barrier but you came off prity bad. Thats the type of thing that eventually pushes creators away from making them in the first place.

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Sorry for my late comment on this post.

Yes, I post about my updates here and when I do I change the post Title to add the date that I updated it, then add a reply:

The reason for this is that I replace the original string in the original post with the NEW string, so to get the update you just copy the string and import it into GSE again. I do this to eliminate the need for multiple posts on the same thread.

Secondly, if you are using the plugin which is usually available via Curseforge at the same time or shortly after you will need to download the updated plugin, go into the game, then open GSE go to plugins and then click the updated plugin to reimport it again.

None of these updates are or can be done automatically.

I apologise to everyone if:
A) I have left anything out and
B) If I have caused any confusion or irritation.

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apparently you can’t read !

thank you so much ! yes just little paranoia on my part, thinking someone hacked it ! i luv your macros !

Your reply only proves my original post of you being ignorant.
I then followed up with ALL the information you needed to find your answer.
but feel free to continue to be an asshat, ill just refrain from further helping you in future posts.

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dude, i dont log in on this site anymore BECAUSE of people like you, but i had too just too say that you need to chill out. i seen many of your replies that are aggressive and rude towards others. it is not Oiciniv that is scaring creators away, its people like you.

In @Leavaris defense they did try to help. Also, Tim and I did ask @oiciniv a question that wasn’t answered.

you having issues with me sounds like a you problem and not a me problem.

Let’s try to this keep this civil and on topic, please.