GSE only working after a long wait

Hi there,
I have just recently started to use GSE and at first it all worked flawlessly.
After a patch GSE works, but only after I wait for a long time after loggin with a character.
Any ideas on how to solve this?
Thanks in advance.

Welp, managed to fix it, Deleted every single macro in all of my characters, the settings files, and it seems to be working as intended now.

Or you could just delete the icon for any macros you aren’t using. GSE does a crap ton of heavy lifting at login. It’s a one off hit then as opposed to in combat where it was before. However if you have templates that you are not using but don’t want to delete - deleting the icon will tell GSE not to process it on login.

Tried that, didn’t work.
Tested everything form the trouble shoot, the only thing that worked was to wipe everything.
It even took a loooooong time to process any kind of change done to the macros, now all it’s done in a second or 2.