Gse per Shadowland

I was wondering for the creators of the addon if for shadowland it is possible to create an update of the addon, which would affect the macros more significantly.
For example now I notice that it is all about ms ahk speed etc, couldn’t you automatically set the ideal speed for macros?
other thing, to have precise execution times to set the sequences and to have them more reactive? it has been said several times that priority list does not execute the real priority, here is to have 100% a perfect priority? as well as to have proc for buff debuff of the spell ?
is it possible to have them in the addon or not? I ask tymotiluke luthechi and others.

thanks for the information

On the first point, it wouldnt be possible… Most of the key repeaters are different pieces of sw on different machines. eg Razor, AHK etc and GSE cant send info to external software

The other issue is MS is affected by latency and so what suits one sadly wont suit them all.

TL will have to comment on the queries but would assume latency, random procs etc would make it impossible.


Theres the time stop function included not long ago in GSE, but only works for very short castsequences ( from what i learned & tried ) but depends on few factors like your server lag and GCD up or not

credits to @lutechi

As for the 2nd thing , he wants to procs of an already instant ability to cast exactly fire at the moment ( dont think its possible, well for mostly classes )

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Almost all of these questions have been asked and answered many times.

MS - in older times it was dependant on a sweet spot that was unique for you. Now you want a number over 100 that is cleanly divisible into 1000 (eg: 100, 200, 250…)

You want this so you can accurately measure time for your time based stuff you are asking for.

With regards to watching procs and doing true priority it cant be done. Blizzard both explicitly prevents adding which ACT in combat from knowing this information. Unlike WeakAuras which TELLS you to do something GSE is in a sandbox that can ACT but it has very limited access to information. More information is here: FYI: Attempt at a Proc watching Macro. Result - Interface Action Blocked


ok i having 44 ms in play then should i set 44ms in the addon just to be precise?

Is 44 divisible into 1000 without a remainder and over 100?

(Points at post two post up. Can lead a horse to water…)

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