GSE Problem help me plz

I need help for the last couple months when i have been playing… my macro will stop working and i am not able to use any keys. anyone know how i can fix it. only only way to fix it is log completely out of the game and log back in

Hey night wolf are you low level on that character?

If you are, make sure to edit the macro and remove the Heart Essence cast line, it seems to lock macros for lowbies.

ok i’ll try that thank you

I’ve had lockups lately too, macro works fine for around 10 minutes then just locks up.

A reload fixes it for me but not sure if you have the same issue

If lutechi didn’t solve it, maybe I could help.
If the macro is locking up, there is usually a reason for it.
Can you link it so I can take a look?

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I’ve been having the same problem too. I took Lutechi’s advice and removed anything I haven’t learned yet. My toon is a 102 Rouge. I’m using PunchKey v. 7 with default settings.

Update: It seems to be working after I replaced the icon on my toolbar after making changes to the macro mentioned below and I also changed the spells to /cast on each line instead of in one long string.