GSE Simulator for offline macro creation and testing


Probably not the first time anyone has mentioned this although found nothing.

And I know this will create work. But is there a way to have an out of game GSE Sim where we can compile and run our macros? I play classic and we don’t have Target/Practice dummies in game. Thus any live testing is on real mobs and that just isn’t effective.

I would love a web page where I could design my GSE macro and simulate it running.

Thanks all.

I, too, was wondering if there was an offline tool for either creating or de-compiling macros.

I would be nice to quickly see what is in a macro without having to log into WoW and importing/inspecting them.

As all you are editing in GSE isn’t your macro but it’s the template to use to create a macro from, you need the “Compile Template”’s output to see your macro. Also noting that the output of Compile Template uses half the WoW API to create your macro good luck replicating that out of the game.

Thanks for the info. So no previewing the macro directly from the forums then.