GSE Stops Firing After Spec Switch

Whenever I switch specs, GSE just stops firing. Even if I relog, reloadui, switch characters, etc. I just stops. I’m able to open the panel up and view, import, edit, etc. but it just doesn’t fire.

I have to completely delete the directories and reload GSE for it to start working again. But as soon as I switch specs, boom… it stops firing again.

Any ideas?


I GSE has completely stopped working on all my BFA toons and servers.

Yeah, I’ve tried switching to my horde brewmaster on another server and it doesn’t work then either. Hopefully we can get some help or ideas to try out.

Same problem I was tanking a dungeon and I just screwed the whole team over, but it wasn’t because I changed specs. When I tried to drag the icon back it said something interface failed due to addon. FML.