GSE - Support and where to get help

If you have a question about GSE feel free to post it here and someone from the community should respond. If however it is something that needs input from me. Posting it here will mean that I may get to it eventually. WLM is a community that uses GSE but it is not the only community. I try to check in on each periodically but I don’t use this site for example every day. I’m generally more active around patch days and major changes though.

For something urgent please help me to help you by raising it on GSE’s GitHub. This is the central place for all communities. Issues · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

I was asked to create a Patreon thing for those who wanted to regularily support the development of GSE. GSE is separate to WLM and maintained by me while Lutechi supplies and maintains this site. GSE exists as a result of this site and its kinda like a chicken and egg thing. This site came first and is worthy of your support.

Having said that I am a self employed pastor who maintains this on the side. Any help doing that is greatly appreciated:

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Hi Everyone,

Adding an ammendment to this as I noticed I had 483 PM’s. First off to all those people I apologise but I won’t be replying. It’s just a completely inefficient use of my time.

As posted above if you asks question publically, someone will respond if they can. It also means the answer is visible for someone else who has the same question. The GitHub link above to report issues and bugs is the only place I actively monitor.

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Bumping this again.

If it hasn’t been posted to GitHub, IT WONT GET FIXED. Issues · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

What the difference between raising something there and here is: If its raised there I will see it and do something about it. If its raised here - Good Luck with that!