GSE Unable save changes

GSE:3.1.15 -

Trying to make 2 Macros for BM hunter.

Unable to update Macro, or save/import new macros. No error just changes don’t stick, and import never show up.

Turned off all add-ons except for GSE.
Cleared all saved variables, and reinstalled the add-on.
Able to import 1 macro, but than all additional imports never show up.
Unable to save any changes to macros. GSE reports they save, but are missing after closing and reopening the macro.
Occurring on two separate computers one with a free install of Wow.

Issue must have been with the older macro string I was attempting to import and customize.

Solution in case anyone else runs into this issue was to:
Cleared all saved variables, and reinstall the add-on.

Imported new macros, and than edited them instead to match desired needs from previous outdated, and apparently corrupted macro.