GSE will not fire if I login and my party is in combat

If I get DCed, or WoW crashes (especially in raids and dungeons) and my group is in combat it causes my GSE to not fire my macro. It just has the red question mark icon and does nothing. Is there a way to get it to reset mid-combat and get back into the fight?

When i have got that i have done a \reload and it solves the issue… Otherwise log out of the game completely and login again.
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Thank you, I will try this next time it occurs.

The way you get it to reset is to get out of combat. GSE cannot alter or configure the button it uses while you are in combat.

The way GSE works is it creates a button and programs it with the steps from Your GSE template. You then have a stub macro in WoW’s /macro that clicks this button. This button cannot be altered in any way while you are in combat. This is a Blizzard limitation not a GSE limit. It will however work perfectly once you get clear of combat.

This is what I was afraid the answer would be. Maybe I need to have a backup bar that has my main attacks. Right now I just show up, throw glaives, turn into a demon, and get lots of white damage. Thank you!