GSE2 newbie - importing macros

Hey guys just spent the last 2 hours trying to figure this out so its time to ask the pro’s. Recently downloaded and installed GSE2. when trying to import a macro i get the pop up “macro import successful” but no macros have been added and in the chat box i get a text saying “Storage the custom step function specified is not recognized and has been ignored”.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Julian

Was just about to open a thread on exactly the same topic, every time i import macros it pops up saying installed but i cant find the new macro. Im also unable to create icons for existing macros. Ive already uninstalled and reinstalled the GSE version and so am running the most current version but still no help.

Hi guys, just my 2 cents,

Type “/gs” in game -> in the GnomeSequencer window, look for the macro you want to use,
For example, let’s say the macro name is “HP_RetAOE”

Create a new macro for your character, inside the macro you will want to write
/click HP_RetAOE.

Sometimes, the macro is created when you load your character the first time after you install GSE2, sometimes I have to create it myself. I dont know why.

Hope it helps you.


i have a problem… i have to import the macro i want to use, everytime i go into a dungeon. WHY ??

Why do you have this problem and no one else does? Why give no possible useful detail for anyone to help solve this problem? Why resurrect a thread from over 3 years ago that has nothing to do with your problem outside the title?


why you are so mad ? the topic was “…newbie - importing macros”, to answer your passiv aggressive questions : I dont know, when smb tries to be helpfull its better to do it in pm and not to spam this forum with not usefull stuff, like your message.

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That is where you are totally WRONG .

He IS the creator of this addon, show some respect and be polite as he is even trying to help you .


No, if he replies like this… whatever. I live with it. You dont have to answer like this to a new person who is searching for help…

Have a good one.