GSE2 Outlaw Macro translation

Hello, I have times to sample a GSE2 Sequence created.
As origin, I took the Sequence of John Mess and translated it into GSE2.

Sequences['Outlaw'] = {
  Talents = "1223122",
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Sequential"
        "/targetenemy  [noharm][dead]",
        "/cast [stealth] Ambush",
        "/cast Marked for Death",
        "/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Stealth",
        "/cast [nocombat,stealth] Taschendiebstahl",
        "/cast [mod:alt] Roll the Bones",
        "/cast [@focus,exists,help,nodead][@targettarget,exists,help,nodead] Tricks of the Trade",
        "/castsequence Curse of the Dreadblades, Saber Slash, Saber Slash, Run Through, Saber Slash, Run Through",
        "/castsequence Ghostly Strike, Saber Slash, Saber Slash, Run Through, Pistol Shot",
        "/castsequence Saber Slash, Run Through, Ghostly Strike, Saber Slash, Pistol Shot",
        "/castsequence Roll the Bones, Saber Slash, Saber Slash, Saber Slash, Roll the Bones",
        "/cast Gouge",
        "/cast Run Through",
        "/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Stealth",

I hope it works as well as before.

Sry for the bad English

I tried to import it on GSE 2 but cannot be imported.

not working , change this

StepFunction = [[Sequential]],

Then it imports, but thats all it does, performance
is horrible.