GSE3 enters feature usable state

GSE3 has hit a feature usability state where macros can now be edited and updated. To update the structure you need to use the new Raw Edit function and understand Lua and some of GSE3’s internal structures. Full details: Block Specification to use with GSE3 is located at The block specification to use in the raw editor is located at: GSE3.0 Block Specification · TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced Wiki · GitHub

GSE2 has hit End of Life. There will be no further updates to it. Any outstanding bugs will be tested against GSE3 and fixed there if the bug still exists.


Is there any way to get the old overlay in new updated versions?
The new one is totally confusing and overloaded with icons and stuff… i like it small and simple and using it like this for writing macros since day1.

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No as the underlying data structure is completely different. It’s like asking can I please put gasoline into my electric car.

There is the raw edit button where you can edit the data structure directly but you will need to understand the concepts behind Blocks.

Each line of your macro is a block now and where things were a one size fits all (every line got KeyPress and KeyRelease added to it) you now have control over whether that should or shouldn’t be the case on a line by line base. Where things were implicit before they are now required to be explicit.

There is no KeyPress or KeyRelease. These are just a variable you create and add to each block if you want them on that block. There is no PreMacro or PostMacro or overall step function. Everything is sequential. If you want an old Priority you add a loop bloc and set it to priority and then add in actions to the loop. If you want loops within the loop within the loop go nuts and do that.

And yes the icons are still a work in progress ([ENH] Action and Movement Icons Needed · Issue #858 · TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced · GitHub) but unless you use raw edit and the data structure directly (details on that specification: GSE3.0 Block Specification · TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced Wiki · GitHub) this is the way.

GSE’s direction is determined by its Patrons and this level of control was what was asked for by them. They wanted greater control over the macro execution and for it to be extremely precise. This level of control is simply not achievable with the old editor and data structure.

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When can we import our actual GSE2 and convert them in to GSE3?

Because one , if not the most important feature should be this one.

Import all the grosso “complete” work , and work from there ( have more than 100 macros across my 12 characters so… )

Even in the actual version “usable state” you can create, and import ( but import only the macro examples )


What I dont understand is that after updating GSE it automatically changed my old macros into the new structured model.
So if you are able to convert old macros into the new method automatically, why wouldnt I be able to open another tab that looks like the old UI? I could write my macro in the “old tab” and just transfer it to the new UI afterwards…
I mean i would sub to patreon if it helps.
The old macro after the port is performing better then in the old GSE, even tho i did not change anything… i think…

In Classic it seems bugged out. If i write in lua and compile it its just blank in the GUI. If i try to use the GUI it wont save my macros at all and i cant press some add buttons and the delete buttons are not working at all.
And it seems like i cant export old macros.

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You have been able to do this since alpha1. You just haven’t been able to edit since recently.

The convert is low level data structure to data structure and is one way. There is no way to convert data backwards as GSE3’s structures cannot fit into GSE2’s model. (A GSE3 block (a single click) can have several lines where as in GSE2 it’s a single line per action as a start). To keep the GSE2 UI I would have to juggle is this a 2 macro or a 3 macro and im not going down that rabbit hole. If you want to by all means but I’m not going to.

If you edit in lua and you don’t have it perfect it will break stuff.

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Dont get me wrong @TimothyLuke , i think i explained my self bad.

I just want what @anon80944990 did, convert all my macros to GSE2 to GSE3 ( the entire, or one by one, but alas conver them ).

In all the scenario i try to import them, its does not appear on the main GSE3 window ( blank , without macros ).

I am missing something?

Any advice would be helpful.


PS: just what @nayoad said!

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I don’t know - I do t have anything to go on from what you are describing. In 3, I would suggest going to GSE’s options - Plug-ins and selecting the GSE2 button. This will force reimport your old GSE2 macros back into GSE3.

If you are missing the smallest ‘ or a “ in the wrong place or a comma on the wrong line this is exactly what will happen. Even a “ instead of a will make a difference and break things. (Smart quotes looking like a 66 or a 99 instead of a coders quotes. This happens when you copy “ from a web browser and paste it.)

And saying here “I had a problem and it didn’t do anything.” Pretty much means your circumstance is going to be ignored. Vague “something doesn’t work” means a total of nothing.

Fill in a bug report:[BUG]

You will need to be as detailed as you can as I need all the information on how to recreate your issue. If you can’t tell me enough information on how exactly to recreate your problem, I can’t fix it. If it took 30 steps to cause a problem I need all 30 steps. If it took 3 I need the 3. If I can’t reproduce the problem by doing the 3 I’m going to need more information. Sometimes the error report will help but even that is not enough on its own. It just says something happened but I also need the what we’re you trying to do so that I can sort out they why you got a particular error:

This may sound blunt but why would I try to help someone who can’t give me any meaningful information on how to recreate their problem via the exact process set up to obtain, track and verify that your issue is fixed?

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Well, im not that ignorant worked on IT for 17 years.

I will open in github an issue, and try to provide the information you need.

PS: only GSE3 addon loaded ( and GSE2 libraries ok ), but on the main sequence windows editor is BLANK, cannot see my old ones , cannot create icons ( and that is something not working properly ).


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Thanks @lloskka my response was trying to be more generic than targeted at you. I have always appreciated your passion for this project.

It may be something that was a bug in an early alpha/beta leaving behind something that was fixed in 3.0. I may need your gse.lua file just here is not the place to go into all that.

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JUst as feedback, I was running 2.6 and updated to 3.0. The tab number 1 had visible the new sections. Then I believe I check marked Use Spell Ranks at the top of that editor panel. After that the editor became blank and I was unable to get the full editor view back. I actually deleted the macros stored in GSE.

How ever I reinstalled 2.6 and all my macros are there still. Huge relief.

Hope this adds some value to discussions.

Also a run through video tutorial of the new GSE would be great in the future.

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At the moment theres first steps guide on @TimothyLuke github

Also i reported the “issue” 3 days ago to timothy

You can check it here


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I have RL stuff that will take up the rest of this week so a video may or may not happen before release. The document that LLoska has linked on GSE3 from a GSE2 users perspective has all the information you need.

Posting a bug in this forum means that “It doesn’t matter If or WHEN TimothyLuke sees it. It also doesn’t matter IF or WHEN he fixes it.” I most likely won’t be looking at this forum again until I get back home around June 29th.

If you find something and want something done about the process has been the same for the last 4 years. Raise an issue on GSE’s GitHub. Issues · TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced · GitHub