Guardian 7.0.3 Pre Patch

Here is my stab at a basic GS-Enhanced Macro.
I have chosen Balance Affinity, for bigger AOE and bears are not squishy right now.

Give me your toughs and improvements.

Sequences['DruidG'] = { author="Earthaddict@Vek'nilash", specID=104, helpTxt = 'Talents: 3111321', icon=132276, PreMacro=[[ /use [noform:1]Bear Form /targetenemy [noharm][dead] ]], "/castsequence reset=15/target Moonfire,Mangle", "/castsequence reset=10 Mangle,Thrash,Swipe", "/castsequence reset=5 Ironfur,Mangle", "/cast Mangle", PostMacro=[[ /startattack /use [combat]13 /use [combat]14]], }