Guardian Druid *BfA* - Any Talent Combintation (ADVANCED)

Hey Everybody,

Here’s my Guardian Druid’s Macros and WeakAura HUD. I’ve even incorporated Cat Weaving into this set.




Enjoy! :beers:

  • Will use the Macros and WeakAuras (cool setup). :+1:
  • Will only use the WeakAuras.
  • Will only use the Macros.
  • Will not use this at all (setup is too complicated). :-1:

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Thank you for the contribution. I’ll have to take these for a test drive.

Yes, please do. This set is definitely intended for the more advanced player, with the WeakAuras tying everything together - the visual cues and key combinations should give you total control of your character.

Cheers! ?

What MS speed are you running your macros at

I haven’t played with different speeds yet; therefore, I can’t say what would be best. Checking the AHK script I snagged off the Internet, it is set to 0.25 ms. However, I suspect that that’s a bit too fast and should probably be somewhere between 0.80 and 1.20 instead.

If you find the sweet spot, please share.

Cheers! ?

I cant import the macro in my WeakAura. Why?

Macros are to be imported into the GSE addon. WeakAuras are to be imported into the WeakAuras2 addon.

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Excuse my ignorance but do you stack each macro into one or just a single button per each?

Each macro uses its own key.

I can’t use the cat weaving. When i go cat only auto attack.

Pressing the ALT Key Modifier while using the Damage macro will force you to change from Bear to Cat Form and vice versa. While in Cat Form the macro will apply Rake first (if stealthed) and cast Shred to build Combo Points (CPs) by default. If you are building CPs, the macro is working as intended. To spend these CPs you will have to use the CTRL key Modifier to apply the Rip bleed, or the Shift Key Modifier to apply/re-apply the Rake bleed.

I hope this gets you on the right track.

Cheers! ?

The actual HUD isn’t showing for me. I’m not using the macro system i’m just using it for dot tracking really which it does really really well. The icons are still there just not the bars as shown in your video and screenshots.
Thanks pal

Somebody mentioned that they were having a similar problem, please refer to the solution below:

Cheers! :beers:

Not sure why but it disables my sound effects when I run it.

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Check your Key Bindings. Specifically, under the Miscellaneous section there is a default binding to Toggle Sound; you will want to Unbind that item.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


I’m curious, what’s your reasoning behind Iron Fur not being in the primary rotation and being in a secondary macro? I’m just trying to figure out if i should put it into your GDRUID_DAMAGE GSE or if i should just leave it as the secondary button.

Two reasons: 1) Ironfur is a defensive not a damage spell, and 2) there are situations where Maul should be used to spend Rage instead of Ironfur. I wanted to account for those situations.

The reason I didn’t put Maul in the damage macro - even though technically it is a damage spell - is because it shouldn’t actually be part of the rotation due to the infrequent number of times it gets cast. As such, it ended up in the Utility 2 macro.

If you’re using the WeakAuras with the Macros, I suggest watching the Ironfur and Maul icons more closely. Sometimes Maul will be fully glowing, and other times it will be partially glowing - outlined with a dotted line. The times that it is fully glowing are the situations where Maul should be used to dump Rage; otherwise, Ironfur should be used instead.

I hope this helps explain.

Cheers! :beers:

Sorry i have a NOOB question am i doing something wrong the modifier buttons dont seem to be working for me like the alt and ctrl is there something i need to change?

Usually that means you have them bound to something already. Go thru your WoW keybinds and remove/rebind anything that has ctrl and alt in it and it should work just fine.

okay thank you ill check