Guardian Druid Tank 10/10

I have been tweaking this macro for a while now.

Build 3 1 3 1 3 X <-- (I use 3 for dps burst and bit of extra raid healing but use what u want)

The following are not included so you can use them while your tanking and need Cd’s at certain points of the encounter.
-Survival Instincs
-Might of Ursoc

As well as

  • Healthstone
  • Natures’s Vigil
  • Berserk
  • Virmins Bite


I use this one for 2 or less

#showtooltip Mangle
/castsequence [mod]Faerie Fire;[form:1,combat]reset=combat Faerie Fire,null
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,!Mangle
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,!Mangle
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,0,!Mangle
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,0,0,!Mangle
/castsequence reset=3 Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Faerie Fire,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate
/castsequence !Savage Defense,Maul
/use [combat,form:1]!Enrage
/use 13
/use 14
/use Wild Charge
/startattack [nocombat,nostealth]
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()


I use this one for 3 or more

#showtooltip Swipe
/castsequence reset=0.5 1,2,Mangle
/castsequence reset=0.5 1,Thrash
/castsequence Swipe
/cast Enrage
/use 13
/use 14
/use !Maul
/startattack [nocombat,nostealth]
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Thanks a heap for the tanking macros. Will test tonight.


WTB >> Feral Druid DPS 10/10 pst.

I’m a fan of nomod macros if possible and the tank one at least I can work around manually.

The single target macro locks up after charging in and firing faerie swarm. all it does is fire fairie swarm over and over.

That’s no good mate I have used this a get rather large dps out of it…

Make sure u don’t have any errors or copyed and wrong key stroke