Guardian (Feral) macro

Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone who wouldn’t mind making a Guardian macro for the feral tree when I use the Guardian talents like Ironfur etc. I would like to have this when I pvp.

You should check the right forum bc you can’t ask a rogue macro in a mage forum. There are macros there that I see they’re working based on the answers.

EDIT: Just uploaded my macro if you want to test it. If you want to use it to pvp, remember to disable trinkets on the one you want to.

I thought I posted help under the Druid forums. Thank you for your help. I will be playing with this tonight

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If you try it out, leave your feedback :wink:

I def could be in the wrong here. But I made an account to say… It feels like @brent-boaz got put on blast… when, as I see it, he posted in the correct area. I looks like @nTx realized it and helped him. I hope this doesn’t stoke up anger, but I came to this discussion to see feral guardian macros, but saw this. As a brand new dumbie to the site… Where would I go to find macros related to this discussion?

Just press the guardián link button on the second post or choose the right category on the Forum. Remember that guardián druid is separated from Feral even ingame

Also there’s a macro done by me on This is Bearsome! [nTx] [Level 70] [Druid] [Guardian] [Dragonflight that I’ve good feedback about it, you shoulda try it. Its separated on AOE and ST and u only have to manage frenzy regeneration and survival instincts.

Thank you for explaining that for me! I’ll check these out now!