Guide to write macros

Hello all,

as silly as it sounds, after playing the game for so many years i just discovered GSE. IKR - noob. Anyways as a programmer by trade I was looking all over the Internet for any guides that show what variables and what classes are available to use while writing macros using the GSE. The only thing i can find is what other people wrote already and showing off their class specific things. I want to see a guide or manual of sorts so i can study and learn the system in depth to write some quality stuff for myself and community.


GSE accepts any command you can put into a WoW macro so for commands googling “WoW Macro Commands” will give you the syntax and commands.

GSE allows you to rearrange those commands with loops and some if/then logic. It’s details are located at Its site: Home · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub

Some of the pages haven’t been updated for the current version but the underlying principles those pages present are still the same behind how those functions work now. Some of the information is presented as WoW’s Lua/JSON format as that is the underlying way the data is stored under the UI. It was also how everyone had to write their macros in the first versions of GSE a very long time ago. This can be seen in the UI via the “Raw Edit” button.

Side notes: You don’t write a macro in GSE. You write a template that GSE will compile into a macro for WoW to execute once action per click. The actual macro you can see when you hit “Compile Template” on the version you are editing and the macro will always return to the first action once it reaches the end.