Guild leaders and officers

Not sure if anyone is aware of this addon but it is in my opinion a lifesaver for guild officers or guild leaders.

I wont write what it does, its much easier if you go read but here’s a couple of screenshots

Audit Screen


If you mouseover someone in the guild roster you get a more detailed window


Ban List


An event log (Shows any changes depending on what you have ticked as wanting to be shown)

Go take a look, you may wonder how you ever managed without it.

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I have to agree Rudead and I have been using this for 6 months or more it is an awesome addon! Thank you for putting it out there @spoony


I’m constantly making suggestions to the dev and his to-do list now stands at about 55 things i think :smiley:

The latest one i suggested is a plugin for automated chat options so like

If possible that you could have some sort of macro/addon option so you could type something like /warn Spoony and it would whisper that person with a automated warning or something like /rules Spoony and it would PM him the guild rules if you had any

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I have been using this for a long time and always suggest it to guildleaders and officers of other guilds i meet. it has its glitches every so often, but most its a must for any guild. love the alts section mostly, cuz youi forget sometimes who alt/main is whos. (old age lol)

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