Had to start over can any one help

Hey I had to delete all my macros and start over but the gs e my macros download is saying it no longer works is there a new one or a new site to download from thanks or is there another add on to store add ons such as custom ones . And also I’m still getting the you have to many macro error I tried deleting some but no luck can you walk me through how to remove macros I do not use or need thank you

There is no such thing as myMacros any more. It’s gone, dead, buried.

To add a macro from here copy the macro, open /gsse, Paste and press Import.

To delete you have two options
/gsse, select the macro and press Disable

Or after selecting the macro hit Manage Versions and keep deleting versions till there are none left.

Disable will allow you to retrieve a macro but if you delete its gone.

Cool ya I deleted a few but they seem to come back I’ll mess with it when I get home and thanks

Mymacros still works for me

[quote quote=37555]Mymacros still works for me

[quote quote=37555]Mymacros still works for me

Got a link to download