Hammer Pvp Build

I keep my cursor on me so Final Reckoning casts at my feet. ```



Ret still a beast just not a god in pvp

i dropped a bunch of mastery and added haste and my dps went up substantially.

once you get haste stacked switch to Crusade

ive been playing with this one alot but i have some questions about the macro. the first block in the macro is templar slash and it is white meaning or at least i think it means i do not have this spell. is this a talent tree spell thats missing? You also said about using the cursor for final reckoning but i dont see this spell in the macro at all. Also the last block has crusading strikes which is white also and i cannot find it in the spell list. still enjoying the macro as it is good job.

yah when they fixed crusader i didnt remove templar or crusader (crusader being auto attack now)

/cast [@cursor] Final Reckoning is the 4th block casts at cursor location

thanks man. i changed @cursor to @player lol dont know where my cursor is half the time

at player though I believe would rewuire that players exact name thats why i always just keep my cursor on me so it will hit whomever i am attacking. took awhile to get used to but becomes second nature before you know it.

duh i get it now i put my name at cursor good call