Has anyone figured out how to cast a down ranked Spell?

Back to the autoshot issue, if OOM its hard to get autoshot to start using macro, is there a way do do the old vanilla fall thru trick like this?

/cast arcane shot (rank 4)
/cast arcane shot (rank 3)
/cast arcane shot (rank 1)

also want rank 1 for pulling.

fall thru macros are important for mend pet, at least you should have all ranks on your bars

I remember having a /cast mend pet (rank 1), for a quick and EZ dispel for my pets, with out using too much mana… Or was it /cast mend pet [rank 1].

you had it right ( ) brackets in vanilla. [] now.

Took a little bit to figure out, remebr, things wotk in GSE that do not in regular macros.

/cast [rank 1] arcane shot

going to go make a mend pet macro with the fall thru, and include kneazlekeeper’s mana saver band aid macro in there for out of combat healing too…so…

how do you write for out of combat? in combat is

/cast [combat] mend pet

im going to guess

/cast [no combat]

OK Peeps, we are golden! GSE is Going to be SUPER useful for classic!!!

here is how to cast a downranked spell

/cast [rank 1] Arcane Shot

THATS going to help a ton

didnt work…i was looking at the wrong thing. maybe macro that presses buttons on action bar?

When I did SHIFT + Lclick after /cast it would load Arcane Shot(rank2) or (rank1) dependent on the rank clicked.

Not sure if this helps at all :hot_face:

/cast SpellName(Rank x)


/cast Arcane Shot(Rank 1)

Note there is NO space between SpellName and the (
There IS a space in the (Rank x)

You cant do fall through macros like you could in classic. You can only have ONE GCD action in your macro per line

Thank you timothyluke! Now i can make PULLING/Damage macro up for arcne shot, Rank 1 mend pet (used w improved mend) for curing diseases, some other useful things

I cannot get this to work in Classic.

When I put in the spell Frostbolt(Rank 1) and save it reverts it back to just Frostbolt