Has the import function been fixed HELP

Evening all,

I apologize if I have this in the wrong place. I have been searching the site and haven’t been able to locate the answer to my question. Has the import functionality been fixed? I am not sure if I have missed something somewhere, but I am still unable to import from this site. Love the tool, but really loved the import function. I would be very grateful for any news anyone has or links to appropriate information, instructions, fixes, etc. Thank you all in advance!!!

So here’s how I got mine to work…

First off, don’t use 2.0.8, its still buggy and breaks importing. Manually install 2.0.7 from Curse.com and make sure to tell your Curse Client to IGNORE updating it so you stay at 2.0.7.

Once you are in game, type: /gs and then click the IMPORT button. Paste whatever macro you want and click IMPORT. It will say that it imported but you won’t see it. Now click IMPORT button again and you should see the same code you just pasted. Just click IMPORT a second time, the same notice will come up that it imported only this time you will see it. Then just click on the macro to make sure its highlighted and click CREATE ICON, once you see it turn to the RED QUESTION MARK then drag that to your bar.

Hope this helps anyone having issues.


Tim has merged both versions of import into 1. So far it has been working for me.

Just watch what you import and don’t use IE/Internet Explorer or Edge to copy and paste, do yourself a favor get Chrome browser please.

working great for me

2.0.9 Not working for me either, and now none of my macros are working, yesterday they did.

Hello PeonOfWar,

Can you elaborate more in what does not work when you try to import and maybe someone here can try to help you or in Discord.