Having difficulty with toggle (on/off) spells.

So my understanding is to cast only when the spell is “off” I should write something like:

/cast [combat,nochanneling] !Storm, Earth, and Fire

If I add the line to sequence, firstly it removes the ! which is what I understand tells your macro not to fire if this is already on.
I can wrap it:

"/cast [combat,nochanneling] !Storm, Earth, and Fire"

This then removes the " at the start (end one remains) then doesn’t fire off at all.

when you fire it off without the ! it continually toggles Storm, Earth and Fire on and off (Same deal with Rushing Jade Wind)

Am I doing something really obviously wrong that I haven’t spotted with this?


No one able to assist with this?

so, was testing out this exact thing last night and noticed GSE removes the exclamation point automatically. Was this functionality removed from just GSE or from macros in general?

You can’t currently add this skill into GSE at the moment because it’s looking for comma’s to break up spell names like in castsequences.
It will also break if you use the spell ID as it will still try to convert the name into 3 spells.

! was mostly removed from most toggle abilities. May work with Volley but SEF is not a toggle ability.