Havoc 03-May-2021

My Havoc DH macro that I run at 100ms in Mythic+. I usually play Vengeance so can’t vouch for how good this will run but appears to do ok. Press a mod key if you need to cancel eye beam to move or if you only want to cast Fracture (when a mob/pack almost dead so you’re not wasting cooldowns on something that is dead). Assumes you are Kyrian as ED is included, change it if that’s not the case.

HAVOC_SL 03-May-2021


Will check it out after servers are back up

Pretty damn good. IA seemed to take a while to activate a couple of times and Blade Dance isn’t in the rotation. Other than that, great macro.

I use a Cycle of Hatred build when playing Havoc, is it still worth casting Blade Dance with that build?

You can always add a second IA line half way through the macro to give it a second chance to cast.