Havoc + Chaos macro

Looking for a SIMPLE macro that:

  • Casts Havoc on my current Target
  • then Tabs (I have Caps Lock and Tab key bound) to the next closest target
  • then casts Chaos Bolt

… is that do-able?

Read the one i just posted mind you will need 2 or more bosses /adds to be able to use it.

Imo do something like this instead:

/use [mod:shift,@focus,harm]Havoc; [mod:shift,@mouseover,harm] Havoc;[@mouseover,harm,nodead]Chaos Bolt;[@target,harm,nodead]Chaos Bolt

Then you cast Havoc on your focus or mouseover if you don’t have a focus, by holding shift and Chaos Bolt on your mouseover or target if you don’t have a mouseover. Combined with a simple focus macro it’s really smooth and it is easy to pick the Havoc target with the mouseover line if it’s more than 2 targets (as lon as you do nit have a focus). You could put the @mouseover line first if you want it to override your focus.

Focus macro:
/focus [@mouseover,harm][@target,harm]
/clearfocus [mod:shift,@focus,exists]

Sets your mouseover as focus if you have one if not it sets your target as focus. Holding shift and clicking will clear your focus.

I used something like this in wod and it helped my DPS for sure.