Healers and Vuhdo Setup

Thought i would make a place holder post for this at the moment and when i get some time off work work on a post which should benefit healers. Now have a little time off so thought i would update this.

I thought to try and make this as i find it easier to use and have it more visual than what GSE can do from a healers point of view.

With this addon (Vuhdo once it’s set up which is the hard part) you cut out of a lot of the fumbling and with a simple click on a bar you’re getting your party/raid members up and running again.

An example of how i have my Resto Shaman keys set up:

Having Vuhdo set up like Raid bars:

Left Click is Healing Surge
Right Click is Healing Wave
Middle is Gift of the Naaru
Wheel Up is Purify Spirit
Wheel Down is Riptide
Shift+RightClick is Gift of the Queen
Shift+LeftClick is Chain Heal

Screenshot of how it looks:

With this layout i have Vuhdo pretending to be my raid frames and when i need to heal i just click using the actions above… I have also hid a number of action bars or made them less visible until mouse over. Top right action bars is where i keep my GSE macros for DPS’ing.

In the middle of the Unitframes (SUF) i have a Weak Aura 2 string which tracks how much time i have left of the effects of my totems/cooldowns and then the remainder of time is ability cooldown.

Screenshot of how the layout looks otherwise:

Link to the WA:

Resto Shaman Weak Auras

Not sure how this looks while it imports but here is the Vuhdo string too:

Resto Shaman Vuhdo String

Finally updated